Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

iMazing is a general purpose iPhone, iPad and iPod manager. Our goal is to expand your control over your mobile data, without jailbreaking your device. Popular features include:

  • Manage your iOS devices.

  • Transfer data over to your new iPhone or iPad

  • Print Messages, including image attachments

  • Retrieve attachments from messages

  • Transfer Music, from the Music app to iTunes or from your computer to the Music app

  • Manage your backups: schedule automatic backups, export backups for safe storage, browse backup contents and extract specific data from them

  • Transfer app states from one device to another

  • Transfer files from your computer to your device, or from your device to your computer

  • Recover photos from your device

And so much more…

It's a desktop app. FileApp plays nice with iMazing, by the way: it is the app of choice to store and manage files and documents on iPhone, iPad and iPod. Get it for free on the App Store.

Pretty much all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models are supported. If your device is running an older iOS version (prior to iOS 5), some features may not be available, though.

No need to, no. If you do not have iTunes installed, iMazing will offer to download the Apple drivers needed to communicate with iOS devices.

iMazing does many things iTunes does, plus many things iTunes doesn’t – so in a way, it compares to iTunes.

Not at all. Having a jailbroken device will allow you to access the device Root, though. You might need to get afc2add or Apple File Conduit 2 in Cydia by the way, look here.

No, absolutely not. iMazing accesses your device’s data using Apple’s own communication protocol, just like iTunes does.

No! iMazing lets you extract music from iOS devices, but does not in any way circumvent DRMs – we don’t break or hack around any file protection of any sort.

iMazing is only compatible with Apple devices, sorry.

iMazing Trial

We have a free trial available. Simply download iMazing for PC or Mac here and give it a go!

Our trial is meant for you to preview iMazing’s many features. Everything is accessible, but we restrict the amount of items which you can transfer.

Dataset Nb of items
File Transfer 100
Media 50
Photos 50
Safari Data 20
Messages 10
Contacts 10
Calendars 10
Call History 5
Notes 5
Voice Memos 3
Voicemail 1
Extract/Edit backup files 10

Backing up and browsing backup contents is 100% supported in the trial version, but restoring a backup or reinstalling/updating iOS requires you to activate your copy of iMazing. Backing up and restoring apps is not limited.

You can purchase a license from our store. We will send you an activation code by email which you can then use to end your trial and unlock the full version of iMazing. Simply launch iMazing, click the ‘Trial’ button at the top of the window, and select ‘Enter Activation Number’.

There is no need to download anything else. After purchasing a license, you will receive an activation number which you can use to end the trial and fully activate iMazing.

Using iMazing

Sure! With iMazing, you can back up and schedule automatic backups, but also archive your backups, browse their contents, edit them and restore them.

The backup process is the same. In fact, to preserve space, iMazing uses the same backup location as iTunes. But where iTunes maintains a single snapshot of your devices, iMazing makes multiple 'Time Machine' like snapshots to let you browse and recover with much more granularity. iMazing also differs from iTunes in what it allows you to do with your backups: view their contents, add or remove apps from them before restoring them, etc…

Yes. Please see our article on the subject here.

Sure! Our ‘Clone’ feature is a one step Back Up / Restore process which allows you to transfer your data to your new device in just a few clicks.

iOS devices are not like USB keys or external drives: their file system is not directly accessible. This is why using a tool such as iMazing unlocks so much potential: iMazing does a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes to present you with well formatted, easy to understand data, pulling it from services running on the device and from a backup of the device.

iOS devices are very secure: most of your personal data is not accessible directly. Datasets such as Messages, Call History, Notes, Contacts or Voicemail are pulled from a backup of your device, which means that refreshing your backup is necessary to display your latest data. Because backups are incremental, only the first backup will take a substantial amount of time: subsequent backups are generally much faster, especially if you back up often.

We have a very comprehensive set of guides designed to help you make the most of iMazing here.

Security & Privacy

Absolutely not! None of your information is transmitted, uploaded, mirrored or saved on any server or cloud: ALL your data remains strictly local.

All data remains on your device, in the backups you make, and eventually in the app’s cache, but all of that is exclusively local. You can clear iMazing’s cache and delete backups whenever you need to.

To uninstall, you can start by resetting iMazing to factory settings from the preferences window. This will delete all cached data, and free up an activation slot if you have activated that copy of the software. Then:

On a Mac, open the Applications Folder in the Finder, locate and drag it to the trash!

On a PC, go tot the Control Panel, click on Programs, and then Programs and Features. Select iMazing.exe and click Uninstall.

For security questions related to iMazing, please refer to our Security & Privacy page. For information about our website and services, here is our Privacy Policy.


We only charge for major upgrades: all minor upgrades are free, and there is never more than one major upgrade per year. Furthermore, all existing license holders – no matter the purchased version – are offered a steep discount: at least 50% off, and even more than that during our launch window.

It should be noted that major upgrades are completely optional: we do not automatically bill our customers, and licenses do not expire. iMazing’s licensing policy can be found here.

Absolutely. We offer iMazing bundled in Family and Enterprise value packs. For special licensing deals (more than 50 users), please get in touch.

Yes, Sure! We like to give them away to blogs and websites that like our software. We generally link to these giveaways from our Facebook page and our Twitter feed. Make sure to check back on us regularly!

You will need a Universal License, which is valid to activate iMazing on 2 computers, Mac or PC or one of each. There are two different downloads, but they will both work with the same license.

We’re happy to do business with you, but we need to make sure it is going to be mutually beneficial and sustainable. Check out the deal outlines here. If you agree with our conditions, please get in touch by opening a ticket here. Please be specific, explain how/where you are intending to offer iMazing, who you are targeting, and what we should expect in terms of volume.

We can resend it right away, just follow this link

We believe we should get paid if iMazing does the job. That’s our commitment, and we respect unsatisfied users’ good faith. We want to make sure that your issue is not something minor we could easily sort out for you – and make you happier in the process. If you would like a refund, we simply require your request to be sufficiently detailed:

  • What was the primary use of the software?

  • Which steps have been completed in the process and which one failed?

  • What troubleshooting measures and/or corrections have been applied?

This also allows us to better understand the shortcomings of iMazing: it will help us improve our baby!

Refund requests must be placed within 3 days after purchase via a support ticket.

Please mention the Order ID you received in your purchase’s confirmation email from Paddle.

Upgrading to iMazing 2

iMazing 2 is a separate download, available here: Download iMazing.

You will not end up with 2 versions of iMazing. iMazing 2 will replace iMazing 1, and all your backups and settings will carry across. We strongly advise you not to use both versions together.

No, you will need a new iMazing 2 activation code. Depending on when you purchased your iMazing 1 licence or DiskAid, upgrading your licence is free or can be done at a 50% discount. Please check your upgrade conditions here.

Please head to our upgrade page and follow instructions to upgrade your licence for free. You will get a new activation code by email.

All iMazing 1 licences purchased after the 13th of March 2016 qualify.

Customer Support

Please head to our support page where you will find troubleshooting guides for common issues. You can also submit a support ticket from there by clicking on ‘Submit a Request’ at the top of the page – we answer all requests within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our very own Support Superstar Team. Just real people like the rest of us: they understand how technology can be frustrating sometimes, but they were born with supernatural powers they use to solve tech issues. They can be reached in no time via our support channel.

Sorry no, we don’t do phone support. But:

If you need help please just head to iMazing’s Knowledge Base if this does not help we’re happy to answer your questions, just ask. If it’s for chatter, you’re more than welcome to befriend us on Facebook!

In Geneva, Switzerland. We code on chocolate keyboards, we all own many watches, but most importantly we have the utmost respect for your privacy.

We can’t wait for you suggestions, comments, proposals or offers! Just send them in!